WHICH COLOUR DO YOU WEAR? A blog post on Colour Psychology + Fashion

Everyday we decide to choose what kind of clothes to wear during the day. If you go to the beach probably the outfit is going to be different than if you go to work or to the gym. Moreover, depending on your feelings, attitude, behaviour and stress levels you are going to choose which colour you want to wear.

After searching the findings of many experts, today I am going to explain to you how your favourite colour can reflect your character or how you feel in that moment.                

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  • Black: Punk, Goth, and clubs kids are known to wear a lot of black, and almost everybody has that perfect LBD (Little black dress) or a suit that’s flattering to your body. Black symbolizes extreme and is the colour of power, elegance, strength, sophistication and authority.
  • White: is the colour of innocent, purity, harmony, balance and freedom. White colours are attracting for people that love freedom and new beginnings. That’s why you appear to have a fresh and bright look every time to wear a white outfit.
  • Grey: is the symbol of tranquillity, dimensionality, neutral and maturity. People are used to wearing a lot of grey is someone who does not like to attract to much attention and prefers to maintain neutral.
  • Blue: This colour is associate with intelligence, trust, loyalty, tranquillity, creativity, peace. It might be is the reason of a lot working uniforms and business suits are this tone. If you like to wear blue, you are probably a kind, sympathetic, courteous and even shy individual.
  • Green: is a calming colour associated with generosity, healing and rejuvenated state of mind. Those who prefer to wear green are financially stable, charismatic and also care about feelings about others. Let's not forget the correlation to nature, which can be refreshing to the eyes.
  • Yellow: Happiness, sun and laughter. Yellow encourage intelligence and inspiration. Some studies show this colour increases the serotine in the brain, speeds up metabolism and lifts the moods to all those around it. Psychologist say that this colour is chosen by active, creative and addictive people. They are bright dreamers and adventures ready to explore and conquer.
  • Brown: is the colour of the earth. Something reliable, solid, strong and stable. People who like to wear brown always look for peace, stability and strength in everything.
  • Orange: Creative, enthusiastic, associated with good times, warmth and opportunistic. Those who like to wear orange are cheerful, energetic and optimistic.
  • Red: An Indian bride wears red instead of white. It is the colour of energy, power and can give you confidence. Also it's a colour of sensuality, aggression, passion and boldness.
  • Pink: according to psychologist people who prefer pink are romantic, optimistic and self-righteous in a good way. They really appreciate comfort and kindness above everything else. It is a colour that you can find in a children’s wardrobe or barbie dolls and represent ultimate femininity.
  • Purple: In the past, purple was a representation of royalty and high society. But today colour worn in clothing means creativity, insight and love for art. Experts say people who wear purple are emotional and sensitive, dreamy and love mysticism. Also, they are known to be unpredictable and dealing. They can be both easy and difficult.

We hope that with this colour breakdown you are inspired to look at your closet and decide intentionally what you will be wearing tomorrow and the next day.

Colours affect us every day, even subconsciously and now we can start to analyze why we prefer that colour to others. And if we are feeling brave, we can try something new to challenge ourselves and our moods. Catch up soon.

 Colour Psychology & Fashion - www.koostyle.co.uk

By Yoshi 





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July 25, 2020

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