DIY YOUR DENIM AS A TREND | Customize & Personalize your clothing

Spring is finally here!

Can you feel the warmth in your skin, the air becoming more warmer by the day? Haha, I know it's good news for everyone that lives in England because it means there is more time for nature walks, playing in the backyard and changing your eating habits.

However, the most important thing for a new season is your closet. There is no better time to clean and renew your clothes. So, today I am going to share with you some ideas for customize your old denim items.

We love DIY (Do it yourself) because it's a creative recreational outlet and cost saving activity. We are encouraging people to embrace skills and hobbies to stay motivated in these crazy times doing art and crafts.

  • Patch and pins: choose your patch (or pin) to iron or sew onto your denim clothes. A really simple idea but at the same time can change your outfit from boring and lifeless to something more cute, fresh and amazing.

     Toucan Patch applied onto Vintage Jeans                     Sheba & Flamingo embroidered patch applied onto jeans (  

  • Painting on fabric: people have painted on fabric for thousands of years. So many artists from places like Asia and India have developed special fabric paintings methods. Take your brush and try to open your creative expression to develop something unique, funny, cute…

         Bart Simpson & Snoopy - Painted jeans by Koo Style                         Fire Design Paint on jeans (           

  • Sewing skills: If you like to sew take your machine or your needle and start to transform your closet into something really cool. You can use simple tools like zips, buttons, ribbons and even some scraps.

Jeans customized with zips. Multiple zips inspiration by              Dungarees customized with denim and paint -

Customized collars and wrists by Koo Style   

  • Rip your jeans and jackets: Luckily, you can turn your denim clothes into distressed with a pair of scissors. Really fun and easy to try!

We hope this piece has inspired you as it did for us. Tag us in anything you make #koostyle. Happy upcycling.

By Yoshi Yoshi

Distressed Denim inspiration by Koo Style








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