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Do you feel confused about what exactly is vintage clothes? Why vintage price is higher than second hand? No more headaches, because today I am going to explain to you the difference of these terms.

First, I have to mention that we are talking about clothing that are not new. When the garment is returned to the store or unsold due to overstock then it is situated in another category altogether. Clothes that have been worn, perhaps once or many years ago and then donated, given away or sold, these are placed in subcategories.

I’m going to start with second hand clothing. The definition is “previously owned”, so that could be third hand or you will never know how many previous owners. An item that was purchased last year, or even five or ten years ago, could also be high quality and a well known label, we will call this category second hand.

On the other hand, vintage refers to all the garments manufactured in another era. Most recently 1980s, and as far back as 50 - 75 years prior to that. In other words, when you think of 50s, 60s, 70s, you will have this impression that fashion was totally different. These kind of clothes also draw a premium price due to exclusivity and value while second hand has the connotation of “used”.

In addition, before vintage we have another category called antique. It refers all garments that follow a rough rule of 100 years old. Not vintage anymore and if is it in a good condition it should fetch a higher price. There are some antique markets, normally full of collectors that know what they are looking for.

Vintage vs Second Hand vs Retro Jackets

Finally, the last category is retro clothes. We don’t have to confuse retro with vintage because retro refers generally to fashion that is new. The idea of this concept is take inspiration of different era and manufacture with the intention to look old. Also, we can interchange retro in fashion terms for a revival in clothes. Retro is also famously known for its colour vibrancy which is very popular upon pop culture.

Whether it's vintage, retro, antique or second hand fashion is known to go in circles. What was once popular will come around again and so on. As I said before, trying to bring back old styles or designs that was famous one time is a recurring theme in fashion.

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