How To  Style Metal Pins - Top Tips By KooStyle.Co.UkHow To  Style Metal Pins - Top Tips By KooStyle.Co.Uk

 Hey guys, here we go. Our TOP TIPS on "how to wear a brooch/pin" in 8 quick bullet points: Happy PinningBy Yoshi

  • When wearing a brooch on a business jacket or blouse, be sure it is on the left side, that is where the eye goes when shaking hands
  • If your garment fabric is thin or delicate, put a piece of felt behind it and pin through both layers to give the pin stability. Avoid wearing a heavy pin on a delicate or antique fabric that might be damaged.
  • Combine vintage or modern pins and brooches to create a unique, personalized look.
  • Many pins are also made to wear as pendants. Even if yours is not made that way, sometimes you can get it to hang on a chain or ribbon.
  • Consider an “exit pin" on the back of your shoulder that is visible when you are walking away.
  • Put a pin on your waistline. Place a large pin at your waist, rather than on a shirt collar or lapel. This is look cute and draws the eye to the waistline.
  • Larger and heavier pins look great on a coat, thicker jacket, belt, hat, or handbag.
  • You can wear your brooch and pin in your hair if you wish to add sparkle and style. Try wearing the pin off to the side on your headband or bandana. Put a pin in the middle of your hair tie to add a little flair to your hair.

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                    Pin Inspiration by Koo StylePin Inspiration by Koo StylePin Inspiration by Koo Style

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