Summer Shorts: Are you ready to wear the denim short?

Hey koo stylers! The month of May is almost over and it means summer is right around the corner.

I can’t wait to walk around the beach with my fresh watermelon slice & coconut water, enjoying a wonderful summer after these hard times. So, this is the time to check your closet and make sure that you have enough shorts for this summer.

Yes, I said shorts because, what kind of summer is it without shorts?

Vintage Denim Shorts by WWW.KOOSTYLE.CO.UK

I highly recommend having a few pairs of cutoffs denim shorts too (three quarter lengths). I feel this garment is comfortable and for all ages. They can be at times grungy or preppy, sexy or sporty.

Cutoff shorts transcend trends and decades and can be sported by, well, anyone with scissors.

Shorts have been around since the early 20th century, unclear when in the 20th century exactly but for long time remained a taboo. They became popular in 1970 and was most powerfully immortalized by actress Catherine Bach in the TV series The Dukes of Hazzard. Bach’s character, Daisy Duke, frequently worn her extra-short cutoffs. The hot-weather answer to denim wearing become synonymous with a stereotypical, Southern flirtatious sex appeal, thanks to the show, the cutoffs shorts were called for a long time Daisy Dukes. Famously later recreated with Jessica Simpson as Daisy, whilst also featuring the famous shorts in her cover music video - These Boots Are Made For Walking

Fun Fact: the show received some complaints for the extra shorts saying that was inappropriate for a TV. After that, Bach had to wear tights under her cutoffs in every scene. 

                              Vintage Denim Shorts Inspiration - Daisy Dukes

So... Let's go. Have a look inside your closet - Find an old pair of trousers and get to cutting. The easiest most convenient way to look stylish this summer.

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By Yoshi

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