LOW OR HIGH WAIST? - Denim jeans & what type is ideal for you

First things first, let's talk about where your waist is...

It's that imaginary horizontal line around your torso somewhere near your belly button, between your belly button and your lower ribs. If we talk about high waisted and low waisted in clothes, we refer to where the garment sits in relation to a person's waistline.

Low and high waisted pants are also called "low" and "high rise" pants. 

Denim Jeans - High waist vs Low waist - www.koostyle.co.uk

What is a jeans rise?

When brands or designers describe the rise of jeans, they are referring to the distance from the crotch to the top of the waistband. And just as the wrong rise of pants can create problems, such as a muffin top or gapping at the back, choosing the correct rise can make you look slimmer and proportional. 

So what am I? 

You may feel more short-waisted than you actually are if you have

  • a large, low bust
  • if you have long legs and a relatively short torso
  • if you are shorter than average (petite).

If this is the case you will be better choosing styles with lower waistlines, or choosing styles that flow through the waist. High waisted pants, skirts, and waisted dresses will not be your best look but all outfits can be experimented.

If you are petite and have a balanced vertical body shape, waisted styles that are designed for your shorter proportions may also work for you, dependant upon your horizontal body shape and other proportions.

Jeans Waist Guide - High waisted vs low waisted - Koo Style

We advise experimenting and doing further research. What do you have in your closet? What is your style? Can the infamous high waist Levi 501 be for you? Maybe you want a low rise Levi 517. Possibilities are endless.

Ready to try a different rise? At Koo Style we send you photographs of the jeans before we dispatch. Leaving you so excited for your package.

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By Yoshi


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