FASHION PINS - A Brief History

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t wondered what the pins are for?

Apparently pins and brooches have always been in fashion. We all used because they bring to us elegance and are incredible stylish. Pins have been used for fashion, debates, protest and so much more.

Also, a pin could add some interesting accent to your outfit even to start a great conversation. There are a huge variety of pins like gem flowers designs, whimsical animals or classic cameos that can be worn in your clothes, shoes, collars or your hair. It could even be as a form of representing your mood and your opinion. "What pin shall I wear today?"

Old Historical Metal Pin Brooche Chanel Metal Pin worn by a lady -

Unfortunately, brooches and pins weren’t originally created as jewellery. In fact, they were made to be utilitarian. The first pins were made out of flint and thorns and the basic function was to secured the clothes. Metal pins became popular in the Bronze age and the Celts wore pins as cloak fasteners. Then in Viking age, brooches were worn everyday by both men and women with a lot of choices and details.

In our days, pins are just part of our fashion. You will see that because designers such as Chanel and Boucheron are including them in their collections. That can be the reason why wearing pins on the red carpet and runway is becoming increasingly popular. Movies and TV shows serve as inspiration for wearing pins too. Antique brooches and vintage pins are also being sought by collectors.

It is clear metal pins are a fashion statement to last the decades in past & future. Time to dig around and find some we may have inherited from our parents & grandparents. <3

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Happy Pinning,

By Yoshi

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